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PVC Motorized Ball Valve

EWP-USA carries most Electric PVC valves use part-turn rotary electric actuators because the working angle of a ball valve is typically 90 degrees, and are very popular as electric actuated PVC ball valves can offer a cost effective solution for valve automation. They are available with either 2 or 3 way bodies offering automatic flow isolation in 2 way PVC ball valves, or change of direction in 3 way electric PVC ball valves. A variety of electrical actuator functions are available to offer different types of automatic control.

A150 Series

  • Voltage: DC5V DC12V DC24V AC/DC9-24V

  •  Product Size: 1/4" - 1  1/4" NPT/BSP

  •  Working current: ≤500mA

  • Circulation Medium: Fluid, Air

  • Valve Body Material: Brass, Nickel plated Brass

  • Lifetime: 70,000 times at least

Design Features

  • All-copper gear design, high accuracy output torque, especially for multi-channel scaling system.

  • Small size, compact structure.

  • A variety of control methods, either to accept remote valve position control signal, but also the feedback signal in place for computer intelligence unit testing.

  • Good sealing performance.


  • IC Card Water Meter, Heat Meter.

  • Air-Conditioning Fan Coil, Fire Sprinkler.

  • Solar Energy Drain Valve, High Efficiency Water-Saving.

  • Automatic Control Systems, University Water System, Small-Scale Industrial Automation Equipment, Environmental Protection

Technical Parameters

  • Product size: NPT/BSP1/4" 3/8" 1/2"'  3/4''  1" 1 1/4" 2"(Optional )

  • Maximum working pressure: 1.0 MPa

  • Circulation medium: Fluid, air

  • Working voltage: DC5V DC12V DC24V AC/DC9-24V (Optional)

  • Wiring control methods: CR201 CR202 CR301 CR302 CR303 CR305 CR306 CR501 CR502 CR701 CR702 CR703 

  • Static current: ≤1A

  • Open/close time:  ≤12S

  • Life time: 70000 times

  • Valve Body Material: UPVC

  • Actuator Material: PPO

  • Sealing Material: EPDM & PTFE

  • Actuator rotation: 90°-360°

  • Max. torque force: 15N.m

  • Cable Length: 0.5m,1.5m(Optional)

  • Environment temperature: -15℃~50℃

  • Liquid temperature: 2℃~55℃

  • Manual override: Yes 

  • On/off Indicator: Yes 

  • Protection class: IP67

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Electric PVC UPVC Double Union 3 Way MBV

* Please Indicate in details what voltage you are looking for       in a specific item. 

  • DC 12v

  • DC 24v

  • DC 12-24v

  • AC 110-230v

* Please indicate in details if NPT or BSP is needed.

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Electric PVC UPVC Double Union 3 Way Motorized Ball Valve 

Model: A150-T15-P3-B
Style: PVC

Size: 1/2" 

Model: A150-T20-P3-B
Style: PVC

Size: 3/4" 

Model: A150-T25-P3-B
Style: PVC

Size: 1" 

Model: A150-T32-P3-B
Style: PVC

Size: 1 1/4" 

Model: A150-T40-P3-B
Style: PVC

Size: 1 1/2" 

Model: A150-T50-P3-B
Style: PVC

Size: 2" 

2-Way PVC Electric Motorized Ball Valve 

Model: A150-T15-P2-C
Style: PVC

Size: 1/2" 

Model: A150-T20-P2-C
Style: PVC

Size: 3/4" 

Model: A150-T25-P2-C
Style: PVC

Size: 1" 

Model: A150-T32-P2-C
Style: PVC

Size: 1 1/4" 

Model: A150-T40-P2-C
Style: PVC

Size: 1 1/2" 

Model: A150-T50-P2-C
Style: PVC

Size: 2" 

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