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Vontron PURO-FRLE, 40" x 8" RO Membrane, Fouling Resistant


PURO-FRLE, an ultra-low pressure RO Membrane, has the features of fouling resistance and low energy consumption, and is applicable to the treatment of industrial sewage with low salinity, such as electronic sewage and surface water.


PURO Series of fouling resistant membranes normally suitable for treatment of complex water source with TDS less than 10000 ppm. It is mainly used for purification of surface water, mining waste water, municipal reclaimed water, industrial waste water, RO brackish water, etc.


  • Membrane Specification

    Vontron PURO-FRLE Membrane Elelment

    Model: 40" (1016mm) x 8" (201mm)

    Active Membrane Area ft² (m² ): 400 (37.2)

    Permeate Flow GPD(m³/d): 10500 (39.7)

    Stable Rejection Rate%: 99.6

    Feed Spacer Thickness mil: 34-LD

  • Test Condition

    Operating pressure at 150 psi (1.03MPa)

    Temperature at 25°C

    Tested in 2000 mg/L NaCL solution

    pH 7.0 ± 0.5

    Recovery rate at 15%

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