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Vontron ULP440-MAX

Vontron ULP440-MAX



ULP440-MAX and LP440-MAX membrane elelments can increase permeate frlo by 15% and 20% respectively, while maintaining the required rejection eate. PURO-I membrane elements are more pollution-resistant and more resilient to a wide range of chemical cleaning than to it’s improved cross-link strength of Polyamide desalination layer.


ULP Series series RO element normally suitable for treatment of surface water, underground water and municipal water with TDS is less than 2000 ppm. It is mainly applied in bottle water, drinking water, boiler replenishment water, food processing and pharmaceutical manufacturing industries and other fields.


  • Membrane Specification

    Vontron ULP440-MAX Membrane Elelment

    Model: 40" (1016mm) x 8" (201mm)

    Active Membrane Area ft² (m² ): 440 (40.9)

    Permeate Flow GPD(m³/d): 12000 (45.4)

    Stable Rejection Rate%: 99.5

    Feed Spacer Thickness mil: 28

  • Test Condition

    Operating pressure at 225 psi (1.55MPa)

    Temperature at 25°C

    Tested in 2000 mg/L NaCL solution

    pH 7.0 ± 0.5

    Recovery rate at 15%

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