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Vontron ULP32-8040-440

Vontron ULP32-8040-440

SKU: ULP32-8040-440

ULP series of ultra low pressure aromatic polyamide RO element is developed by VONTRON for treatment of surface water and underground water. Its operation pressure is about 2/3 of low pressure membrane, and the rejection rate can reach 99.5%. Thus it can reduce the investment cost of related pumps, pipelines, containers and other equipments and the operation cost of reverse osmosis system, improve economic benefits.


ULP series RO element normally suitable for treatment of surface water, underground water and municipal water with TDS is less than 2000 ppm. It is mainly applied in bottle water, drinking water, boiler replenishment water, food processing and pharmaceutical manufacturing industries and other fields.

  • Membrane Specification

    Vontron ULP32-8040-440 Membrane Elelment

    Model: 40" (1016mm) x 8" (201mm)

    Active Membrane Area ft² (m² ): 440 (40.9)

    Permeate Flow GPD(m³/d): 12650 (47.9)

    Stable Rejection Rate%: 99.3

    Feed Spacer Thickness mil: 28

  • Test Condition

    Operating pressure at 150 psi (1.03MPa)

    Temperature at 25°C

    Tested in 1500 mg/L NaCL solution

    pH 7.0 ± 0.5

    Recovery rate at 15%

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