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SKU: VNF1-2540

VNF series nanofiltration membrane element is used to remove organic substances, microorganisms, viruses and most of the divalent and multivalent metal ions in water, at the same time to keep part of sodium, potassium, calcium and magnesium ions, it has been widely used in municipal drinking water, bottle water, food and beverage, medicine, bioengineering, pollution control and other industries.


VNF series membrane element has good rejection rates for pesticides, herbicides, TOC and heavy metal ions. The rejection rate of VNF1 for monovalent ions is relatively low, and the rejection rate of VNF2 for monovalent ions is relatively high.


Model: VNF1-2540
Active Membrane Area ft²(m²): 28(2.6)
Permeate Flow GPD(m³/d): 650(2.46)
Stabilized Rejection Rate (%): ≥98


Testing Position

  • Operating Pressure at 100 psi (0.69MPa)
  • Temperature at 25℃
  • Tested in 2000 mg/L MgSO4 solution
  • pH 7.0 ± 0.5
  • Recovery rate at 15%


Operating Limit & Conditions

  • Maximum operating pressure: 600psi4.14MPa)
  • Maximum feedwater flow: 75gpm17 m3/h
  • Maximum feedwater temperature: 45℃
  • Maximum feedwater flow SDI15: 5
  • Allowed pH range for feedwater in operation: 310
  • Allowed pH range for chemical cleaning: 212
  • Maximum concentration of free chlorine: 0.1ppm
  • Maximum pressure drop per element: 15psi0.1MPa
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