Organics, microbes, viruses and most of metal ions with two or higher valence can be filtered by Tapurim Series NF element, while sodium, potassium, calcium, magnesium ions, etc. can be retained in the permeated water. TAPU-HS has a rejection rate at 80-85% for chlorides, applicable to the rejection of organic and inorganic matters in mid and high-salinity raw water.


* This membrane element is developed by utilizing the technology of controllable porosity formation in separation layers, and is designed for waters with middle and high salinity to meet the requiremets of healthy drinking water.


*The use of brand-new LD (low pressure difference) 34-mil feed channel spacer improves the fouling resistance while reducing the energy consumption.


*The entire series of elements have been officially authorized by “Hygine Permit for Products Related to Drinking Water Hygiene Safety”, thus ensuring the safety of membrane element application.



Model: TAPU-HS
Active Membrane Area ft2(m2):400(37.2)
Permeate Flow Rate GPD (m3/d): 8000(30.3)
Stabilized Rejection Rate (%): 95