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BWRO-B412 Series Reverse Osmosis System

BWRO-B412 Series Reverse Osmosis System

BWRO-412 Series Reverse Osmosis Systems have been engineered for capacities ranging from 5000GPD to 18000GPD (Feed TDS < 3000 ppm)


Vontron RO membrane 

ASME certified membrane housing

CNP boost pump SS316

SS316 high pressure piping

Control box IP54 (painted carbon steel)

Control system 

(Relay and timer control or Siemens PLC)

Tank level control & Auto flush

Pretreatment lockout control backup



Fully equipped and customizable    

Individually tested and preserved

Expandable and skid mounted      

Low operation and maintenance costs

Components easily accessible  

Easy maintenance and servicing

Pre-plumbed, wired and assembled   

1-year limited warranty

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