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Vontron HOR21-4040

Vontron HOR21-4040

SKU: HOR21-4040

HOR series of high oxidation resistant RO element is a new aromatic polyamide composite membrane developed by VONTRON, it has the characteristics of low pressure in operation, high permeate flow and excellent performance. By applying the special synthesis process, the antioxidant properties of membrane components have been enhanced, enable it to withstand the impact of a certain amount of oxidant substances, thus simplified and optimized the pretreatment of RO system. The process reduces bio-pollution of membrane element, saves operation cost and extends the service life.


HOR series RO element suitable for treatment of surface water, underground water and municipal water with TDS is less than 10000 ppm. It is especially suitable for municipal and industrial reclaimed water reuse, electroplating wastewater treatment and the treatment of water resource with bio-pollution and oxidizing substances.

  • Membrane Specification

    Vontron XLP11-8040 Membrane Elelment

    Model: 40" (1016mm) x 4" (99.7mm)

    Active Membrane Area ft² (m² ): 100 (9.3)

    Permeate Flow GPD(m³/d): 2200 (8.3)

    Stable Rejection Rate%: 99.5

    Feed Spacer Thickness mil: 28

  • Test Condition

    Operating pressure at 225 psi (1.55MPa)

    Temperature at 25°C

    Tested in 2000 mg/L NaCL solution

    pH 7.0 ± 0.5

    Recovery rate at 15%

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