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SKU: FR11-4040

FR11-4040 RO Membrane Element utilizes specialized manufacture technique that can improve the hydrophilicity, electric charge and roughness of its surface, thus reducing the breeding and adsorption of pollutants and microbes on membrane surface.


FR series of fouling resistant membranes normally suitable for treatment of complex water source with TDS less than 10000 ppm. It is mainly used for purification of surface water, mining waste water, municipal reclaimed water, industrial waste water, RO brackish water, etc.


Fouling Resistance Ro Membrane

Model: FR11-4040

Active membrane Area ft2(m²): 90 (8.4)

Permeate Flow Rate GPD (m³/d): 2200 (8.3)

Stabilized Rejection Rate (%): 99.5


Testing Position

  • Operating Pressure at 225 psi (1.55MPa)
  • Temperature at 25℃
  • Tested in 2000 mg/L NaCL solution
  • pH 7.0 ± 0.5
  • Recovery rate at 15%


Operating Limit & Conditions

  • Maximum operating pressure: 600psi4.14MPa)
  • Maximum feedwater flow: 75gpm17 m3/h
  • Maximum feedwater temperature: 45℃
  • Maximum feedwater flow SDI15: 5
  • Allowed pH range for feedwater in operation: 211
  • Allowed pH range for chemical cleaning: 113
  • Maximum concentration of free chlorine: 0.1ppm
  • Maximum pressure drop per element: 15psi0.1MPa


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